Land Rover takes craftsmanship and quality to extraordinary heights. Our 5-year unlimited kilometre warranty is our pledge, that your Land Rover continues to go above and beyond no matter where your adventures take you. We will repair and replace any unforeseen manufacturing issues for the life of the warranty, at no cost. What’s more, our 5-year warranty comes with 5 years roadside assistance across all new vehicles.


Your owner's handbook and service portfolio describe the proper care you should take of your vehicle. Make sure any required maintenance is performed, including regular cleaning of bodywork, and that materials used meet Land Rover engineering specifications.


If you wish to make a claim on the warranty, visit your Land Rover retailer or Authorised Repairer. In most cases the Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer can carry out the repair immediately. However, occasionally the nature of the repair may require the Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer to obtain authority from Land Rover before proceeding.


Paintwork And Bodywork
Two separate Land Rover warranties cover you against damage or defects on the exterior of your car: the Paint Surface Warranty and the Corrosion Protection Warranty.

Paint Surface Warranty
If your Land Rover’s paint surface needs attention due to a defect in materials or application, the necessary repairs will be undertaken by a Land Rover Approved Repairer, completely free of charge. You’re covered for 5 years regardless of distance travelled, if you purchased your Land Rover from 1 April 2021.

Corrosion Protection Warranty
If any part of your Land Rover’s bodywork is perforated by rust or corrosion, the panel(s) affected will be repaired or replaced by a Land Rover Authorised Repairer, completely free of charge and regardless of any change in vehicle ownership. Cover applies for a period of six years, regardless of distance.

For the purpose of this Warranty, “bodywork” is defined as metal panels, including doors, bonnet, boot lid, engine and boot compartments, wings, sills, scuttles, roof, floor panel, frames and chassis members, but excluding attachments such as bright trim, bumpers, mouldings, hinges and road wheels.

The term “Perforated” means a hole that penetrates through the bodywork caused by corrosion from the inside or underside as a result of faulty manufacture or materials.

Corrosion Protection Warranty And Accident Repairs
If your car needs body repairs due to accident damage, they will be carried out using only approved parts, materials and repair techniques. This will ensure your cover continues on the repaired sections for the remaining period of the Corrosion Protection Warranty.


12 volt batteries will be limited to 3 years/unlimited kilometres against manufacturing defects. Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Traction Battery will be covered by a 8years/160,000 kilometres whichever occurs first with a minimum of 70% state of health.


(Applies to new vehicles purchase prior to 1 April 2021)
Land Rover Extended Warranty Insurance helps extend the life of your Land Rover and maintain its value. That’s why Land Rover Extended Warranty Insurance makes great sense when it comes to protecting your investment.

Covering over 4,500 vehicle components for up to 2 additional years, you’re protected up to the market value of your vehicle per repair and up to the purchase price of your vehicle for the lifetime of the warranty. Plus, all repairs carried out under an authorised claim are guaranteed for the life of the warranty and you can even transfer your warranty if you sell your vehicle privately.

Insurance is issued by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Allianz) ABN 15 000 122 850, AFS Licence No. 234708. For full terms and conditions refer to the Policy Document. Registered Trade Marks of Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. Licensed for use by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited and its associated companies.

Land Rover Extended Warranty Insurance Booklet


All new vehicles purchased on or after 1st June 2018 will benefit from Land Rover Regional Warranty. The vehicle is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty terms applicable to the region where the vehicle was delivered to its original owner by the Land Rover appointed network or other legally authorised sales outlet. Specifications and warranty may differ in other regions.

If the vehicle is to be registered or used in another region, further activation may be required, exclusions may apply and warranty conditions may be affected. For the purpose of warranty, regions are defined as USA, China, Europe & UK (excluding Turkey), Turkey, Russia, Overseas, Australia &New Zealand, Africa, Middle East & North Africa, and Latin America.


Enjoy your Land Rover Approved vehicle without concern about the cost and inconvenience of mechanical failure with up to two years complimentary Land Rover Approved Warranty.

Land Rover Approved Warranty provides cover for over 4,500 vehicle components up to the value of the vehicle purchase price for the lifetime of the warranty. In addition, all repairs carried out under an authorised claim are guaranteed for the life of the warranty and you can even transfer your warranty if you sell your vehicle.

As an added bonus you will also receive Land Rover Roadside Assistance for the period of warranty cover at no additional cost.

Land Rover Approved Warranty Booklett

For claims or general claims enquiries, please contact the warranty administrator on 1300 632 567. The roadside assistance, please contact Land Rover assistance on 1800 819 181.